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  • Elves clash with orcs of Dulkun Khorro in southern Adelaar.
  • Id'eskana enters a transitionary period following the untimely death of its first emperor.
    • Emperor Jeroboam is declared deceased roughly a year after falling ill.
    • Flumenia declares independence from Id'eskana, resuming its status as a city-state.
    • Aurelia Celestide is elected to reign as the first empress of Id'eskana, and as its second leader in its lifetime.
  • Following a crisis of faith in Kalikhan, the township of Concord separates along with Lesser Kalikhan to form Kalikrozpospecta. The city of Kalikhan falls, leaving Grander Kalikhan without a governing body.
  • Actualia disbands after a falling trend in the adoption and practice of Johnactualism worldwide.

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