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The Coat of Arms of Kais Jerrko
  • The Rotharnid Caliphate comes to an agreement with the Arcadian Altanate over a land dispute in southern Moria.
  • The Kingdom of Diogel is founded upon Prospit by Elysium.
  • A man going by the pseudonym "MA" delivers messages throughout Alathra, urging citizens to return to a more archaic way of life.
  • King Aerindel of Cailethia usurps the previous ruler of Prospitia, King Kotanor of Sakan'to due to claims of inaction.
  • Kais Jerriko Secedes from the Arcadian Altanate and federalizes itself under the protection of Vyngard.
  • After protests against the industrialization of the island, Al-Avhastan reveals its newly founded military.