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Of Noctı Interflumin
Sayyid's regular attire
BornAge: 25
Nehir Arasında, 25 Years ago
ResidenceNoctı Interflumin Governer's Home
NationalityLydoneian, Kogongi
CitizenshipRepublic Of Lydoneia
OccupationGoverner of Noctı Interflumin"
OrganizationLydoneian National Assembly
Known forNoctı Interflumin
Notable workGolden Statue of Noctı Interflumin
TitlePrince of Noctı Interflumin
PredecessoraNeyf IV, (Office Established)
Parent(s)Father: Neyf- KIA. Mother: Beyza, missing and presumed dead.
RelativesBeyza (Sister)

HDSkipper, also known by his birth name Sayyid is the leader of Noctı Interflumin, the Northernmost town of Lydoneia.


Sayyid is a male with green eyes, and a slim, tall body shape. He has an olive like skin tone reminiscent of a Kogongi person, and has brown hair. His most common attire include a red coat with a dark grey undershirt, black boots and gloves, grey pants and a belt. He also usually has a scabbard that holds the Sabre of Iskandar.


He is noted to have a blank expression on his face no matter his thoughts, and is generally quiet, tidy, and very well kept. He is noted to be good in humor and enjoys reading about history, particularly that about rulers and conquerors.


Early Life

Life Before Exile

Sayyid was born 25 years ago into the royal family of the city of Nehir Arasında (Modern day Noctı Interflumin). He was born into a royal lifestyle with his father, Neyf being the crowned prince of Nehir Arasında. He had grown up lavishly, in the cities royal palace. He recieved an education from a young age at the town's University, University of Iskandar, and learned history, languages (Common and Kogongi). From his father, he learned of military tactics and swordfighting. He had a younger sister by the name of Beyza, who had also learned many of the things that he had. When he was 22, he had been put in a military service for the principalities guard, so he could learn how to lead soldiers. He had also done a number of religious duties and festivals, most similar to that of Kogongi.


When he was approximately 22 years old, his hometown of Noctı Interflumin came under attack by Icesteelan forces. The town was quickly overrun, and his father was killed in the action via arrow to the head. With all the town being lost and under the threat of capture, he leapt on his horse, and retreated into the wilderness. He spent three years in the Kogongi wilderness, travelling across the continent, however avoiding Icesteel. He learnt a lot about the continents nature and culture. He learned how to hunt and make the most of his resources. Sayyid also had many close calls in Icesteelan territory and spent many days and nights without a shelter to sleep in, often in the extreme cold. His main home would change every night, however, it would usually be under a tree or inside a cave.

Brief Capture

About 2 years into exile, Sayyid and two of his remaining guard were ambushed by bandits and captured. He was led into their bandit camp where he was thrown into a cell whilst the bandits figured out what to do with him. He remained calm during the whole process, and even tried to talk his way out with no avail. Eventually, three days into capture, he was able to slip out of his cell using white vinegar and salt he was fed to rust out the prison bars and escape. He freed his guards, grabbed their weapons, and slit the throats of the bandits in their sleep. After this incident, Sayyid was much more cautious about being in the wild and kept a hidden weapon on him at all times.

He eventually came across a person by the name of Estebandit, and quickly befriended them. He learned of The Southern Union, and decided to join them, and settle back in his old home to see if he was able to retake it.

Coming Back to Nocti Interflumina

Reclaiming his Home

After about a day of riding on horseback, he came across his own town for the first time in five years. It was mostly gone, however, and the Icesteelans transformed the city into a small military outpost. But, when he arrived, he found there to be no one there, so he reclaimed his hometown unopposed. After much deliberation on whether the town was savable, he decided to rebuild it again from the ground up. The first building he rebuilt was the old governors home, a large estate with a mostly empty inside on the far west of the town, and he expanded from there.

New Life in Iskandar

As he settled in his old home, he was almost immediately forced to make a decision for the future of him and his home. Because his town was located on the border of the Southern Union and Icesteel he had to choose as to which country he wanted to join. He found the leadership of the Southern Union more peaceful the those of Icesteel, who had just been through a war and thus decided to join the Southern Union. After this, he joined the Union's HOR until a disagreement between the towns and the central government resulted in a peaceful coup (See:The Dissolution of the Southern Union) and a new Republic became the main governing body of his country.


After he joined the Southern Union, he was admitted into a national assembly where the Emperor could post votes about things he was not sure of, however, on the 15th of July, Sayyid and Estebandit, another governer, voted against what Emperor Crab wanted in the assembly. Crab proceeded to change the rules needed to be able to vote in the national assembly, which stripped both governors of their voting rights. Two days later, the towns of Haven and Hanau launched a coup to replace the Imperial Government. The coup was successful and had support by both Sayyid and Noctı Interflumin. It resulted in an interim government which lasted about a week and a half before the Republic Of Lydoneia was proclaimed.

Meeting Back with Beyza

After Sayyid returned back to Iskandar without Beyza with him, he had thought she had died during the fighting. However, months later, she came back to Iskandar following a news article being caught in her path. They rejoiced at the aspect that they were both alive, however mourned for the fact that their Father and Mother were dead. Shortly following her arrival, Beyza was crowned Princess of Noctı Interflumin and put second in charge of the city. She oversaw construction of a new part of the city, and a harbor for better transportation and trade.


Elyrian Coalition Wars

Prior to the Elyrian Coalition Wars, Sayyid and many representatives met with Arcadian officials in Haven to discuss the rising power of Elyria. The discussion led to an alliance between Lydoneia and Arcadia to defend their territorial integrity from Elyria, and Lydoneia joined the Alathran Entente that day, with Arcadia following up a day after. The Elyrian Coalition Wars shortly started in which Sayyid participated in, mostly in the Battle of Peachfield, which was a massive Entente loss. After more battles on that same day, Lydoneia agreed to drop out of the war with light terms. Lydoneia would have to swear fealty to Emperor Sherman of Elyria in what was a de-facto alliance, and some minor road work. Despite the light terms, Lydoneia lost over ~$1,000,000 in netherite equipment during the war which dealt a large blow to it's equipment stores.

Multiple Scenes from the Elyrian Coalition War
A meeting between politicians of Lydoneia and Arcadia, discussing the threats of Elyria and Acquendavia.

Unitatis-Errane War

Part of the International Coalition that took down Errane

On September 1st, Reynold of Encavia was attacked by bandits and sook to get reparations. He demanded that $10,000 be given as compensation for the attack, however, the bandits refused. Seeing this, he called upon a coalition to attack the bandit camp known as "Errane" and the siege was set for the next day. The siege was long and unopposed, except for the Phantoms that occasionally came and harassed them at night. Nukekiller, the bandit leader, attempted to escape via underground network of tunnels however Sayyid and Rynnth were waiting and slew him. After about 3 days, Errane fell.

Prospit Organized Resistance

The Acquendavian Empire claimed all of Prospit for themselves on September 7th, 2021. Whilst technically only Elyria, Acquendavia, and the small Prospitian states were at war, the POR (Prospit Organized Resistance) gathered a lot of support from the international community, including the ROL. Sayyid assisted in the successful defense of Dalleton and was even on the counterattack, besieging and capturing Savage Crow along with many other Lydoneian Republican Guards and supporters from other nations like Taffasan and Lethos. After Acquendavia's armies had been defeated, Lothridge lay open to siege, after facing this prospect, Emporer Boob decided to sue for peace. An armistice was in effect, however, a peace treaty agreement would not be made until about a week later.

Elyrian Civil War

The Elyrian Civil War quickly ensued during the Prospitian Resistance Wars and Aurelius gathered his forces to support Emporer Sherman of Elyria. They layed siege to Savage Crow for the second time in the war (Although it wasn't the second time total) with a number of Lydoneian Assembly members and Republican Guard and sucessfully lay ruin to the fortress. It would be the last time that Savage Crow had any political significance outside of starting a little bit of drama. The fortress was looted by the victors, who found themselves with a great amount of netherite and enchanted books. After this, the Siege of Peachfield begun, with Sayyid assigned to defend the city. After some skirmishes with Keyral and Yoosanghoon and others, they sucessfully repulsed the siege. Yoosanghoon was heavily wounded in the battle and thought to be dead.

Following the two battles, Sayyid say Yoosanghoon's body washed up ashore near his waters in Noctı Interflumin. He was quickly captured and sent to the cities war prison, where he was kept for a few days. After discussion, he was taken to Haven prison and was tried for his crimes against both Elyria and Lydoneia.

Independence From Elyria

After the Elyrian Civil War, the National Assembly of the ROL wanted to have a more Isolationist approach to diplomacy, including Sayyid. This led to Aurelius declaring independence from Elyria after the formation of Stahlfaust-Elyria. Most of the national assembly supported this decision and it led to no Elyrian reaction. After this, the country began a large scale expansion of the capital city of Haven, and it ultimately led to what some may call a "Golden Age" for the Republic, with culture, arts, architecture reached an all-time high. The Havenian Pantheon was also revived, which brought religion back to the country, and Sayyid was a big patron of the religion, and it even mixed in Noctı Interflumin with the native Kogongi-like culture. This caused a large blend in culture and led to more cultural revolution. This is also the time when tycoon John McNug began making his fortune, and became an icon for the wealth of Lydoneia.

Alathran International Assembly

Sayyid is skeptical of the AIA since he believes that achieving any lasting peace to be impossible. Still, however, he supports the entity and goes to it's meetings at the Haven Senatus chambers. The organization was successful for a while, until eventually conflict broke out and put the organization on stand-by. As of recently, the AIA is making a comeback onto the global stage.

Lydoneian Works in and out of the National Assembly

National Assembly

Sayyid worked the the ROL's national assembly, helping to form the new nations identity. He worked day & night improving his own town and making blueprints and plans for the Haven Expansion Project that made the capital city into the huge city it's known as. He has had a noticeably militaristic attitude in the National Assembly, however he did some beauty projects in the country as well, introducing Azalea trees to Haven with the help of Syzmo of Jotunstan.



Shortly after the battle of Savage Crow, Sayyid saw Nefes (Havenian Goddess of the Storms and Seasons) appear to him as he strolled through Noctı Interflumin. She directed him to a marble tower just outside Savage Crow where he would fight a beast that displeased the Gods. He went to the marble tower and fought the beast. According to legend, he nearly died three times and was saved by Nefes before he was able to slay the beast. In exchange, Nefes gifted him a 'charm', which he could wear around his neck or wrist which contains Nefes' spirit on it, so he could have her blessing at all times.

Crystal Fighting

Weeks after defeating the beast, during prayer, he spoke to Nefes, who told him of a powerful magic crystals known as End Crystals. The crystals were incredibly energy filled with a glass like casing. As soon as the casing got damaged at all, the energy within would be released in a large explosion. She taught him how to create the crystals, using the purple eyes of a tall, human-like monster also known as the Endermen, and the tears of a hellish ghost from the underworld. After this, he trained with Nefes and in his own time to master the art of "Crystal Fighting". Soon, he would become a master in the art.

Literary Works

Over his lifetime, Sayyid wrote many books. Most of these books were religious text holding prayer or historical records and journals about his life and the world's events. His most known work is his record about his meeting with Nefes, the Goddess of the wind and of the storms in which he defeats a beast and gets Nefes' blessing. He also wrote many prayers, songs, and hymns in his "Lihilır Hymnorum" (Book of Hymns) to the Havenian Gods and Goddess's.

Sabre of Işdar

The Sabre of Işdar is a Netherite Sabre, constructed approximately 700 years ago. It was used to defend the town ever since in multiple battles and wars. The people of Noctı Interflumin treat it more like a crown then a weapon, as it is used as a symbol of the current prince of Noctı Interflumin rather than any Jewel or Crown. It was intense meaning in the city, being considered sacred. Whenever the Prince of Noctı Interflumin dies, the first thing to do is secure access to the weapon and give it to a trusted family member or friend who is unfit to rule like an Aunt/Uncle or Mother (So they don't try to steal the reign). It is then given to the closest and eldest relative (Son/Daughter, or whoever they name heir). After that they are then pronounced Prince/Princess of Noctı Interflumin.
The Sabre of Isdar


Main Beliefs

Politics & National Assembly

Sayyid could be described as having an aggressive diplomatic strategy, however will choose peace whenever it is easier and more effective. Due to the Icesteelan raid he suffered younger, he is a hard militarist, wanting to always have better defense capabilities so what happened when he was younger doesn't ever happen again. He believes in free speech, and enjoys the current Lydoneian government style, although has expressed a interest in a more monarchal government.

Sayyid has always taken an aggressive position on the national assembly, being a heavy militarist and very cautious when it comes to diplomacy.


Sayyid is a believer in the Havenian Pantheon with a little bit of aspects of Kogongi culture. He is a lover of nature, and finds ways to grow crops such as Azalea in his town. He has read Vasya's teachings and participates in many Kogongi rituals, and eats a primarily plant based diet with some meat sometimes. He participates in meditations, and has few Kogongi spiritual tattoos which are visible under his thick clothing. Though he worships all the Gods in the pantheon, he primarily provides his sacrifices and prayer to Nefes, Goddess of the Clouds and of the seasons.


-Sayyid's first death on the server was an accidental swing from Estebandit while they were both trying to fight off spiders

-Sayyid speaks Lydoneian, Arcadian, Kogongi, and of course, common.

-Sayyid calls the Sabre of Işdar his "Royal steak grill"

-His family (Prenşı) dates back 700 years