Styvarian (Culture)

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The Styvarian culture is a culture of mountainous humans who live in the Empire of Styvaria. The current King of the Styvarians and Emperor of Styvaria is Zeneth I, who was born as a member of the old Styvarian Mountain-Tribes, which he would later unify with the Cowkin of Adelaa'r as the Styvarian nation, which is why he is known as "Zeneth the Unifier". Despite being native to the mountains of Adelaa'r, Styvarians are expert sailors and scientists. They are fiercely independent and brave, but they are loyal to their King, whom some believe to be chosen and ordained by John Actual, the primary religious figure of Styvaria's main religion, the Church of John. It is home to some of the most famous people in practically every field, with their most famous citizen being the expert botanist, Claude Mathias Rosehalle. The most common symbol of the culture is the ox, representing both the people's strength and their friendship with the Cowkin. However, the most common symbol of the nation of Styvaria is the Styvarian Rose.