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Contest on hold indefinitely!

The town of Concord is proud to present the first ever Concord Cup! This contest aims to improve Alathra Wiki's coverage on relevant topics, such as important places, events and characters. The best contributors will receive prizes, with the top contributor becoming permanently included in the list of past contests. Additionally, well-written articles may be considered to become Good articles!

Every registered user is free to participate. The contest will start on - and the last day for submissions will be -.

Please note that only articles edited/created during the contest will count as valid entries.

How to participate

Participation first requires that you have created an account on the Wiki. Once done, you can:

  • create new articles
  • edit, illustrate or correct existing articles
  • submit art/images to improve the quality of articles
  • create or improve existing templates*

*requires advanced knowledge (but will be graded equally with other tasks)

To submit your work for the competition, go to this page and simply enter your username and links to your article(s) into a new table entry. You're allowed to submit as many articles as you wish.

Here are some links if you're unsure how to get started:

  • Visit the getting started page to learn about the basics of contributing.
  • Inspect the Manual of Style to learn the best practices when it comes to writing.
  • Press here to start creating your page!


The prizes for the best contributors will be:

  • 1st prize -- -
  • 2nd prize -- -
  • 3rd prize -- -

Winners will be announced shortly after the contest has concluded.

Example articles

Here are links to some well-written articles which would be a good example to follow: