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Other namesAlix
OccupationSoldier, Resources Supplier
Known forN/A

Alix111 is a Soldier for the F.C.A. from RedWood. He is not known for much.

Alix joined January 16th, 2021



Alix had been born in Aurora, a separate world from Alathra. He had been one of the only people there, but with the ability to do almost anything. The people were somewhat kind, but they didn't have much to do there. However, after waking up in a completely different world after the border had gotten thin, things were differing more and more between both worlds, ultimately separating both worlds infinitely, leaving Alix wandering aimlessly.

Aurora had been decaying anyway, with Alix the only one noticing such. He had found technology to create new worlds in order to prevent world-wide extinction. He had been too late to do so, with everyone but him ripped out of existence, never to be found again. In the end, Alix had given up on the research, falling in to a depression, until he himself had been swallowed by the decay.

Soon after, he regained consciousness in a new world called Alathra. One of the people of his world, lil_Ginngy, had found him in the village, bringing Alix to Senza-Nome for a tour. However, lil_Ginngy did not trust Alix, and tried to prevent Alix from joining the town. Alix had been slaughtered many times by lil_Ginngy with the reason of missclicking.

On June 19th, 2021, Alix had noticed that another one of the Aurorians had entered the world as well. They both founded Arkaley, with Alix as mayor. Sadly, however, Alix was left isolated on the beach that the town was located on, with the other, Imagi9ne, gone.

On June 29th, 2021, Alix was invited by the player megadalon to join the Icesteel Empire. Alix had asked if he could join one of the towns instead, since he wanted company to communicate with. Mega had agreed to the request, making Alix one of the residents of Iceberg. On the same day, however, the Icesteel Empire had fallen, due to a failed negotiation between the Emperor, Alphaspade_, as well as the resident megadalon, and another nation, also known as Pultria. Alix was left stranded again. Mega had asked Alix to join the F.C.A., and he quickly followed that order. He joined the town of RedWood.

On June 30th, 2021, megadalon had attempted to get Alix111 out of the F.C.A. to join his new town. Alix had thought of it, but denied the request, because his life had already been unstable enough.

On that same day, Pultria declared war on Petroselinum[1]. Alix took it as an opportunity to show his worth, and prepared his life for the war.

July 1st, 2021, at 5:00 pm ADT, the war of Petro-Pultria had started. Unfortunate for Alix, though, as the war had ended swiftly with a range of time between 2 and 5 minutes. Alix had gained, nor lost, anything in that war.

A new opportunity shone through the fog on July 8th, 2021, due to the declaration of Ashina towards Fare-Sesso. The F.C.A. Senate received a 100% agreement on the upcoming war, to ally with Fare-Sesso. The Emperor of the F.C.A., Cody29797, tasked Alix with reproducing dogs, since both of them were on the top 2 of Taming. Alix bred his dogs until he had gotten around 100 of them, and earned himself first place in Taming. Sadly, however, the war had been cancelled after many postpones[2], leaving Alix with over 100 dogs.


Today, Alix lives in RedWood with a citizenship in the F.C.A.. He currently attempts to help others with their troubles, usually in the town he lives in.


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