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To be an Averonian is to live in an area of south-east Arith, below Mount Xeno and above the sea. The ancent realm of Averon, known as "Duskenspur" lived on in Arith's southern old growth region until August 3rd, 2021, around which time it was under the dominion of the F.C.A. This civilization centered around the reverence of their deity, "Averon", of which was central in a religion known as the "Cult Of Averon". Some famous Averonians is the great lord Myles Don and Tiberian. The tales and ideals of these people live on in the ethnicity known as the Averonians.

The area of Arith known as Averon.


Averonians are generally caucasian, with dark hair and varied eye colors.


Averonians are similar to real world Europeans and northern Mediterraneans, as Averonian builds are largely composed of wood frames, stone and clay, with exception to Invictus of which is largely Roman inspired. The region is largely agricultural, with supporting maritime settlements. The following is a list of prominent Averonian states:

- Frostheim, a glacial mountaintop fortress.

- Unitatis, previously the capital of the now dissolved Encavia Empire.

- the Temple Of Pater Carnis, a religious sanctuary.

- Invictus, capital of Invicta.

- Redwood, capital of the F.C.A.

- Hightide, a historical coastal state.

Religious Beliefs

The following is a list of popular Averonian religions:

- the Pater Carnis religion is quite prominent.

- The people of Hightide are known for their worship of "Chelonians" (turtles).

- The Cult Of Averon, the very religion practiced by the ancient Averonians is still recognised by some in Arith.