Kittenist crusades

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The Kittenist crusades were a series of short religious wars in Kuthara, initiated by Kittentopia in the interest of the Kittenist faith. Though they lacked any proper action, the crusades had a substantial impact on the Kutharan political landscape, influencing relations between many of its major nations and even acting as a catalyst for the Wivamovian rebellion.


Kittenism as a religious system requires unwavering loyalty from its followers, whose duty is to spread the teachings of the Great Kitten to all peoples of Alathra. Its declared mission is to create a world of peaceful co-existence under a single faith, which in turn requires kittenists to work against other religions, whose followers they refer to as "barbarian heathens".

This has earned kittenists considerable backlash from other religious groups, earning them a reputation of violent religious extremists. In spite of all this, kittenists believe that only faith in the Great Kitten can lead a person to salvation, so they perceive their cause as just and any action as a necessity to spread Kittenism.

Pre-war events

On several occasions throughout 12 AC, kittenist missionaries were reported appearing in towns across Alathra. Their method of preaching was considered aggressive by many, often resulting in fights breaking out. Kittentopia used this as basis for escalation, sending troops to raid cities that had shown hostility towards their attempts at conversion. The raid of Steinnheimr in particular received widespread attention in Kuthara.

On February 16, 12 AC, during a religious ceremony for Johnactualists in Divinus Actualia, a kittenist priest interrupted the service to preach for their own faith. An attempt was made to make the priest leave, but a fight ensued and the kittenist was killed.

In an almost immediate response, Kittentopia sent out forces to seize the cathedral. Having done so, they proceeded to kill from both hosts and attendants those who they perceived as being an enemy to their religious cause. This was followed by a kittenist counter-sermon held within the same cathedral, after which the troops returned home.

Anti-Kitten coalition

Even before the February 16 attack, cooperative action was being undertaken to prepare for possible hostilities. The Kingdom of Adelaar worked with some members of the Enlightened Church of John to reach out to individuals who'd be willing to stand against Kittentopia. This movement increased massively after the Steinnheimr raid, integrating volunteers from every major continent and reportedly amassing a group of 55 people.

Following February 16, big steps were taken to further solidify the forming coalition. Representatives from Kingdom of Adelaar, Blackthorn, Church of John, the Lost Woods, Empire of Styvaria and a few other nations related to the movement convened in a safe location outside Steinnheimr, where they laid down the groundwork for a formal alliance. This resulted in the signing of the Treaty of Mospork, which was to be lead by a high council of 5 members and a viceroy, leader of the council itself. Minister Malakai from Blackthorn was appointed as the first viceroy.


The leadership of Kittentopia was aware of the alliance forming against it, but thought itself capable of facing them in battle. The whole nation armed itself in relatively quick fashion, seemingly suggesting that it was already somewhat prepared for a military encounter with foreign powers.

War against Church of John

On February 22, after claiming that no diplomatic solution was in sight, Kittentopia declared war on the Church of John, demanding in their declaration for acceptance of their faith, free access for their missionaries and recompensation for the killing of their kin. In response, the Treaty of Mospork was swiftly set in action, as every signatory chose to ally Church of John in their defense. A few other countries outside the treaty also announced their support for the Johnactualists.