Wivamovian rebellion

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Wivamovian rebellion
Left to right, from the top:
  • Lineup photo of the Kittenberg Expeditionary Force, March 9
  • First documented use of cannons in siege warfare, March 2
  • Blackthorn forces overwhelming Arkstadt defenses, March 9
  • War elephants battling in Azuria, March 9
DateFebruary 25, 12 AC – March 12, 13 AC
Arkstadt; central Kuthara

Wivamovian independence

  • Alathran Order of Wivamovia gains independence and is recognized by Blackthorn
  • War reparations paid by Blackthorn to Wivamovia, Kittentopia and Zydel
  • Blackthorn ceases any support to the nation of the Lost Woods
Commanders and leaders

The Wivamovian rebellion was an insurrection of Wivamovian nationalists against the Commonwealth of Blackthorn. It started as a result of Arkstadt withdrawing from the Commonwealth, declaring its intention to depose the current leadership and to establish its elite as the new ruling government.

First assault

On March 2, 13 AC, in cooperation with their allies, Wivamovian troops pushed out of Arkstadt. An attempt was made for a rushed victory when the main army group marched to set siege to Zethortal, the Commonwealth's capital. Although making progress at first, breaching the town's walls in a matter of minutes, the rebels quickly became unorganized and split into smaller groups which Blackthorn defences could easily defeat one-on-one. Unable to take control of the capital, Wivamovia sent out separate siege parties to capture towns in the northern regions of the nation and establish in process a buffer zone between Arkstadt and the rest of the Commonwealth.

Since almost all Blackthorian defences were called to defend its capital, its other towns relied heavily on their static defensive structures, which the Wivamovian coalition were mostly successful in defeating. Guldhir was captured first, followed by a siege on Anishavokia, after the party left to defend Arkstadt concluded that no real counter-siege was to be expected on their city. While Wivamovian forces were moving past Fort Khirom to reinforce Zethortal, the town suddenly surrended and was taken under occupation as well.

Situation report of the Wivamovian coalition on March 2, 13 AC

The long pushes through enemy territory meant that the rebels were risking a larger front, which would stretch out their supply lines and reinforcement deployment times. Zethortal was still offering tough resistance and was slowly starting to win back ground outside the city. This prompted the rebels to retreat to a position where they could dig in and stabilize the front line.

Main campaign

Frontline movements on March 9, 13 AC

By March 9, the Wivamovian coalition had reorganized enough to attempt another assault. With the intelligence gathered from the previous siege and during the inter-siege period, the rebels were more confident in their ability to capture Zethortal.

Kittentopia, a powerful ally to the rebels, was now leading the war effort. This time, the plan was for the coalition to split into separate siege groups preceding the assault, with each group having the task of pushing on their specific front. Additional mercenary forces were called in from Snora to help defend Arkstadt, in process freeing up more troops for the frontline.


While the original goal of the war was for the Alathran Order of Wivamovia to topple the Zethortal government in what as tantamount to a coup d'etat, the Realm of Kittentopia had eventually grown tired of the war, and of Jon Wivamovia's leadership, and eventually refused to support such a coup, instead favouring simple Wivamovian independence.

After a few months of talks between mainly the Commonwealth of Blackthorn and Kittentopia, the deals were settled, with each party recieving relatively modest reparations. The modesty of such reparations, combined with the Order of Wivamovia failing to achieve any of their original aims, has left the war with a reputation within the Commonwealth of Blackthorn as not a war that Wivamovia won, but as an unsuccessful coup d'etat that failed to overthown Emilia Rivers' government.

Shortly after the war, the nation of The Lost Woods collapsed, with the central towns of Scarred Hallow and Mighgalir becoming part of Blackthorn.