2nd dosentury

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The 2nd dosentury is the current dosentury in the Carrot Era, under the Crops' calendar. It began on March 1, 13 AC and will end on February 28, 24 AC. The current date in the Crops' calendar is Jule 15, 17 AC.

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13 AC

First use of cannons in warfare during the siege of Zethortal
  • The Wivamovian rebellion destabilizes central Kuthara.
    • March 2 – Multiple towns in the Commonwealth of Blackthorn are put to siege by the rebelling Wivamovian faction and its allies. Guldhir and Anishavokia are captured, but Zethortal is defended valiantly and endures.
    • March 9 – A concentrated attack is launched by the Wivamovian side on the entire front, resulting in the capture of almost all Blackthorian towns.
    • March 13 – Blackthorn sues for peace, declaring an end to the Wivamovian rebellion and instating the Wivamovian Order as an independent entity.
  • March 17 – Styvaria, Dahlfaustn and the Kingdom of Adelaa'r unite to form the Commonwealth of Adelaa'r.
  • March 21 – Ruins of Antuscany are discovered in Concord.
  • March 22–24 – After failed attempts to convince Highnamm to cede its lands, Nullhia declares war. Finding little support within its own nation and in the international community, Nullhia accepts peace only two days later.
  • Æskana expands its claims and becomes the Empire of Id'eskana.
    • March 22 – Æskana annexes Idrolian towns Solvent Soros and Axolia, its capital.
    • March 25 – Oasis, another Idrolian town is annexed by Æskana.
    • March 27 – Idrolia officially cedes its lands to Æskana, which leads the latter to rename itself to the Empire of Id'eskana.
    • March 31 – Prisma is raided by giants. A group of soldiers, led by emperor Jeroboam, arrives from Id'eskana to help defend the town.

14 AC

  • Aepril 1 – As a result of unknown causes, all of Alathra experiences weakened gravity.
  • Aepril 3 – Aelfscyn is refounded, with Lorin Leafsteel as its king.
Lineup at the first RedWall derby
  • Aepril 6
  • Aepril 8 – Id'eskana attempts to start a colony on Adelaar.
  • Aepril 13 – The first ever horse derby is held in RedWall, with a total of $18,000 in its prize pool.
  • Aepril 15 – An election for the new leader of Divinus Actualia is held, but its result is voided due to suspicions of powervoting. A successful leader is elected later that day.
  • Aepril 17 – Dajeristan falls to ruin, which leads to Gogúan Ásúon Ngola disbanding a few days later.
  • Aepril 19 – Aelfscyn moves in to claim the lands left behind by Styvaria, reforming into Sundorboren.

15 AC

  • Kalikhan succumbs to civil unrest and growing levels of corruption.
    • May 8 – The leadership of Kalikhan disappears. Kalik citizens find their vaults and stockpiles emptied of all valuables.
    • May 16 – Following a crisis of faith in Kalikhan, the township of Concord separates along with Lesser Kalikhan to form Kalikrozpospecta.
    • May 17 – The city of Kalikhan falls, leaving Grander Kalikhan without a governing body.
  • Id'eskana enters a transitionary period following the untimely death of its first emperor.
    • May 9
      • Emperor Jeroboam is declared deceased roughly a year after falling ill.
      • Flumenia declares independence from Id'eskana, resuming its status as a city-state.
    • May 20 – Aurelia Celestide is elected to reign as the first empress of Id'eskana, and as its second leader in its lifetime.
  • May 10 – Elves clash with orcs of Dulkun Khorro in southern Adelaar.