1st dosentury

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The 1st dosentury was the previous dosentury in the Carrot Era, under the Crops' calendar. It began on March 1, 1 AC and ended on February 29, 12 AC. The current date in the Crops' calendar is May 19, 15 AC.

The spread of agriculture and the emergence of numerous civilizations marked the beginning of the dosentury, along with innovation relating to shipbuilding, giving start to a maritime culture that is still prevalent.

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1 AC

  • March 1 – The first year of the Crops' calendar begins.
  • March 4 – First larger communities start emerging across Alathra. The settlements that will eventually become the nations of Rhumlaantd, Själenland and Idrolia are created.
  • March 7
    • The end of a local civil struggle marks a new beginning for the Kingdom of Valtara.
    • An alliance is formed between Valtara and Vinçois, which would over time develop into the Triumvirate of Ceyreto.
  • March 9 – Kuthara was given its official name by the nation of Sublime Ben Xiao, but a full agreement with other states is not successful. Ceyreto, a name initially chosen and supported by Valtara and Vinçois, still remains in wide usage.
  • March 10
    • Valtara and Vinçois, now allied, release an official statement condemning the recent exploitation of resources from the Salt Flats, a biome unique to Ceyreto.
    • A local militia rises up against the Kingdom of Sondorboren, resulting in a short war in Adelaar.
  • March 12 – Blackthorn is first mentioned in writing.
  • March 16 – War breaks out in Prsata, as Dajeritsan joins their ally, Maravia, to protect their lands against the threat posed by Arkaea.
  • March 19 – Troubles continue in Adelaar, as war breaks out between the previously friendly kingdoms of Sondorboren and Rhumlaantd.
  • March 21 – The settlement of Kalikhan is founded.
  • March 23 – Aelfscyn declares their independence from Sondorboren.

2 AC

  • Aepril 1 – A mysterious plague breaks out in Kylindor.
  • Aepril 3 – The people of Vanadia depart from the crumbling remains of Rhumlaantd, sailing to western Ceyreto.
  • Aepril 4 – The Imperian Empire starts an aggressive expansion campaign in northern Prsata.
  • Aepril 7 – The Caravansary of Thaambaile is established.
  • Aepril 8
    • Tirean Ùra, the new home for the Vanadian people, begins construction in the lands of Wrensbath.
    • Blackthorn defenses open fire onto a passing Dreadhorde ship, sparking controversy.
  • Aepril 10 – Triumvirate of Ceyreto is founded. A celebration feast is held in Vinçois
  • Aepril 17 – Kylindor, a town that was involved in most previous wars in Adelaar, attacks the island of Uradon. This results in a war between the Dreadhorde and Kylindor, which the former would ultimately win.
  • Aepril 22 – The Dreadhorde combines with local settlements to form the Grand Lichdom of Prsata.

3 AC

  • May 2 – Citizens including Sparkus Daougevret flee war at Cathalos and land at Highnamm as refugees.
  • May 5 – Zydel declares independence from the Kingdom of Valtara, which results in the Zydel-Ceyreto conflict.
  • May 10 – During the Zydel-Ceyreto conflict, Kalikhan declares independence from the Triumvirate as a result of heavy losses in the war.
  • May 18 – The Commonwealth of Blackthorn is declared by Emilia Rivers, the foreign minister of the Triumvirate of Ceyreto.
  • May 19 – The Zydel-Ceyreto conflict comes to an end, with Zydel claiming control of the island of Valtara.
  • May 22 – Following the collapse of the Triumvirate of Ceyreto, the realms of Thaambaile, Wyrdwood and Kyriska unite into the League of Free Cities.
  • May 24 – Crops' calendar is first introduced by the Kalikhan Academy of Sciences.
  • May 27 – The people of Blackthorn, lead by Emilia Rivers, burn down their city and migrate to mainland Ceyreto, where they found Zethortal.

4 AC

  • June 26 – The towns of Black Hollow, Nightfall, Kherakar and Thaambaile form a local defense pact known as the Knights of Rot Wuds.

5 AC

  • Jule 12 – The Kingdom of Guldhir declares a war of conquest for lands controlled by Thaambaile.
  • Jule 29 – The siege of Nev'karlik takes place.

6 AC

  • August 2 – The Prsata conflict reaches its peak.
  • August 3 – A power struggle takes place in Kalikhan. The king is executed by family, who deem themselves the rightful heir to the throne, but the people rise up to take control and reform the state to be run by an elected monarch.
  • August 5 – The Thaambailian war ends, with Kingdom of Guldhir victorious and Thaambaile falling into ruin.
  • August 8 – On Guldhir's initative, multiple Ceyretann kingdoms combine to form the Rauthwald Empire.
  • August 14 – New settlements emerge to reclaim the lands of Sonderboren.
  • August 18 – A coup d'état takes place in Guldhir. Jon Dodbane, emperor of the Rauthwald Empire, is executed.
  • August 25 – The Australis Union is disbanded.
  • August 31 – Skald Dodbane, leader of the coup against the previous ruler of Guldhir, dies as a result of poisoning.

7 AC

  • September 2 – Rauthwald Empire is disbanded, as Guldhir people migrate to Adelaar to form the nation of Dracheburc.
  • September 6 – The realm of Sunderboren is revived by former members of Kalikhan and Taobh Locha
  • September 9 – Nullhia is founded with Nullhi City as its capital.

8 AC

  • Octember 4 – Asumgúan is founded with Véizen Ásúon Age as its capital.
  • Octember 7 – Cuttlectoria sees most of its soldiers captured, trialed and executed, leaving the integrity of the realm in jeapordy.
  • Octember 8 – The realm of Sunderboren begins to collapse, with its leader migrating to the far east islands, and Sigeric Ehlsonn returning to Blackthorn.
  • Octember 17 – Due to supposed tyranny on the past of Vormaug Drachenart, many in Dracheburc make exodus from the realm, with many leaving to join Blackthorn.
  • Octember 22 – Prince Benicio abandons the stilted castle of Castillo Zanco, marking the end of any native remnants of the Kingdom of Valtara.
  • Octember 23 – Asumgúan and Nullhia unite as Gogúan Ásúon Ngola.
  • Octember 25 – With Castillo Zanco abandoned, the Dominion of Zydel declares its 'reawakening' under a new leader.
  • Octember 26 – Dajeristan is revived and joins Gogúan Ásúon Ngola.

9 AC

  • November 2 – The leader of Idrolia, Khimrie Bronzefin, is abducted by an unknown foe.
  • November 18 – The Lost Woods become the first nation to outlaw the nomenclature of a continent within their own borders, banning use of the name Kuthara for their continent and instead opting for the use of the name Ceyreto.
  • November 19 – Emilia Rivers of Blackthorn, with the backing of Thomas Scyteborn and Joanne Bercker, abolishes the Commonwealth Council, declaring herself the unquestioned ruler of the Commonwealth of Blackthorn.
  • November 24 – Elvenia Xaroleht of Ælfscyn is reported to be missing.
  • November 27 – Styvaria is settled.
  • November 30 – Sparkus Daougevret of Cathalos is reported to be missing.

10 AC

11 AC

  • January 2 – Elvenia Xaroleht is officially declared deceased.
  • January 3 – Bogdanocoz Brod Chervov of Kalikhan is strangled to death, leading to the collapse of the Realm of Kalikhan's peripheral lands.
  • January 5 – High Priests Jack and Allorace of the Enlightened Church of John set out to spread Johnactualism across Alathra
  • January 8 – The Kingdom of Ælfscyn is dissolved, are repossessed by Trader Rylanor's Adventurer's Guild
  • January 9 – The city of Kupfer Keep forms a provisional government under the name of "Gnelfscyn".
  • January 10 – Jack Blanche founds the town of Divinus Actualia on the Holy lands of Johnactualism
  • January 20 – Aeskanian Civil War results in Aesis becoming the new seat of power of Aeskana.
  • January 27 – Persecution against the Church of John begins in the Nullhi Republic.

12 AC

  • February 10 – Signing of the Zethortal Accords, officiating the name Ceyreto within Blackthorn, Steinheimr and the Lost Woods. Kalikhan abstained from the treaty.
  • February 12
    • Persecution against the Church of John ends in the Nullhi Republic.
    • Kittentopia is founded with Kittenberg as its capital.
  • February 13 – The Confederation of Adelaa‘r is founded.
  • February 14
    • High tensions followed by a misunderstanding between Steinnheimr and Kittentopia lead to the Bjrn Massacre, leading to condemnations by the Nullhi Republic and Aeskana, but support from Zydel and Kalikhan.
  • February 16
    • The Prsatan Union is founded between the nations of the south-west continent.
    • Kittenist warmongerers massacre innocent churchgoers in Divinus Actualia during the Order of the Enlightened Accolade
    • Tensions between the Kittentopia and the Nullhi Republic over the latters persecution of the Kittenist culture and faith results in the Nullhi City Massacre, in which one third of the city is killed.
  • February 23 – Kittentopia declares war on the Church of John; triggering the Great Kitten Wars. The Church would surrender the following day.
  • February 24
    • Kittentopia declares war on Steinnheimr. Steinheimr would surrender a few hours later.
    • Wivamovia rebels against Blackthorn.
  • February 29 – The 1st Dosentury comes to a close.