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This is a page for the chronicling of the world of Alathra. The history recorded here should have a major and substantial effect on power dynamics, cities, art and literature, etc. Only a brief summary of each event is required. For further expansion, you may create an article detailing the events shown below.

2020 (First Age)

December 4

The Nation of Ashina is formed.

2021 (Second Age)

May 26

May 29

June 10

June 30

July 7

  • The nation of Elyria is formed

July 10

July 20

  • The FCA holds a peace summit between Acquendavia and the USA. The talks break down and Acquendavia continues its war against the USA.
  • The First Battle of New Reno: The USA and its allies drive back Acquendavia from the city walls and push to Lothridge.
  • The Siege of Lothridge: Although Lothridge is heavily besieged by the USA, the attackers are driven back to New Reno thanks to King ripesack and his Egg.
  • The Second Battle of New Reno: Lothridge successfully captures New Reno, absorbing the USA into Acquendavia.

July 21

  • Grandpa_Boob of Lothridge is assassinated while giving a speech in Laputa.
  • Laputa declares independence from Acquendavia
  • USA breaks away from Acquendavia
  • The Arcadian Altanate is founded in northern Koganon.

July 22

  • Hargreevs is killed during a raid on Elyria, which gains control over her Wooden Axe.
  • Duchess Cott of Southada forges a peace agreement with Elyria, with a chicken named Peaches serving as a sign of their peace.
  • A punitive expedition from Elyria marches to New Reno to kill the USA's leader, PANDAMASTER. Several bystanders are killed as well. During the peace talks afterwards, there is an attempted assassination on chickenprism. The culprit is unknown.

July 24

July 25

  • In the early hours of the morning, DaBreadKing quietly leaves the FCA with his Knights of Sol to settle near Peachfield.

July 30

  • Lord Artimus III's castle, Seagrad, is complete after about two weeks of construction.
  • The TideWay, a highway system connecting the Free Cities of Alathra, is complete with the final branch reaching Uhovia.

August 3

August 4

  • Elyria conquers the island town of Lyon from Ashina, renaming it to Redna.

August 8

  • Eiric (SHS) of Peachfield murders the Farmers' Council in Peachfield Keep during the 10th annual celebration of the Peachfield Rebellion. He then declares himself the First King of Elyria, appointing Captain Ragathiel (DaBreadKing) and his Knights of Sol as his personal guard.

August 9

  • Four crucified dwarves are found outside of Akkabrim, along with signs warning its non-human inhabitants to leave. The perpetrator is unknown.

August 10

  • A giant meteor lands in Spawn, unleashing an alien army of pig-like creatures and setting fire to many of the buildings.

August 11

  • The Free Cities of Alathra splits into the Federation of Arith and the Kingdoms of Arith.
  • At midnight, the giant meteor which had landed in Spawn finally explodes, temporarily sending Alathra into oblivion.

August 12

  • After a day of nothingness, Alathra rematerializes with noticeably different natural properties.

August 14

  • Elyria lays siege to Homo Town in Ashina. As of writing the town remains in Ashinan hands

August 15

August 17

  • Elyria begin the siege of Homo Town against Ashina at 9:00. The battle is won quickly and easily by Elyrian forces, with shepsicle calling a "gg" at 9:16. As of writing Ashina still claim victory

August 22

August 31

September 2

September 13

September 15

October 7

  • DarthFanatic(Fulkien) creates the town Pacitta, and the nation Virorite.
  • Virorite collapses within minutes of being created.

November 24

2022 (Third Age)

January 3

  • The Arcadian Altanate breaks its treaty with United States of Nevadia, Etrovia, and Temal over land disputes.

January 4

  • The Solis Region of the F.C.A joins the Silvian Religion.
  • The New Republic of Gaushan is founded.

January 6

  • The Nation of Fare-Unire is created between Fare-Sesso and Sethorien.
    • The New Republic of Gaushan Allies with Fare-Unire, NAF, and Melius Tempus.

January 7

  • Kangy becomes the king of Jotunstan.
  • Jotunstan declares war on Silvermoon.
  • Voievodat Cresvlitsae enter "Splendid Isolation" and ally with the Arcadian Altanate.
  • Prime Minister Tilly was voted out of his position in Arcadia by a 3-0 vote.

January 8

  • Kear Nevura secedes from the Arcadian Altanate.
  • Masses of people revolted in Ard Saileach with the goal of freeing the High King.
  • As Lord Ronan Carrig's bunker was invaded he declared himself insupport of the movement and renamed Carrig to Red Carrig.
  • FCA Revokes it's Isolationist bill.
  • Yangtzegue was renamed Hongsegue as the revolution took control of the river town.

January 9

  • Tar declares the The Temple of Pater Carnis heretics and liars and demands they destroy the main temple. The temple refuses. This causes Silvia to declare a religious war against the temple.
  • The Moriean Republic declared independence from the Arcadian Altanate.
  • The Ashina Empire updated and reinforces it's alliance with the Arcadian Altanate.
  • The Moriean Republic disbands.

January 12

January 14

  • The Silvian - Pater Carnis war broke out with the temple unwillingly surrendering after a brutal massacre. Temple head stand in, Orthigo, met with tar at the end and negotiated peace agreements.

March 16

  • Melevor and the Grand Conclave of Druids of the Grand Order of Druids declare the Second Crusade against Pater Carnis following the infection of drinking water in the river Darach, and the "Great Sacrilege" when Ra'thra delivered sacred Elk meat to Ceiltean holy sites.
  • The Silvan faith declares support for the Second Crusade against Pater Carnis

March 19

March 20

March 23

  • Senator Tartarus of the FCA stages a coup, transferring all FCA towns except for HighTide, Uhovia, Redwood, and Nowhere to the control of Solaris and creating the Solar Empire of Arith.
  • The last of Donslau Falls and its remaining residents move to the icebergs surrounding [[Archive:Coldfront

]] in Eldia

March 25

March 27

March 28

March 30

March 31

April 1

April 2

April 3

April 4

  • Sherman continues to research alchemy to better equip Elyria's army

April 7

April 8

  • Ragathiel returns to alathra after disappearing 9 years prior

April 9

April 11

  • Dark beings are discovered beneath the town of Praetara Centrum.
  • A mysterious tear falls from the sky, infecting and draining the life around where it lands.

April 13

April 15

  • The Caravan passively views the ongoings of the world from afar.

April 16

  • Specz Arcanes announces a fee to attend the Academy which can be subsidized by an undisclosed donor.
  • Political tensions grow heated in Wahat Almarjan as the current mayor, Zeta Iqari, levies more power to the merchants than the citizens of the town.

April 17

  • The Cresvlitsin Battle Engineers Corps (CBEC) officially forms under the dominion of The Legion. (See Battle Hoe)

April 18

  • Holes begin appearing around Alathra, all seemingly connected in a maze of underground passages dug by Sniven.

April 19

April 20

April 21

  • Due to the attacks, surveillance and guard rotations are increased within Haven.

April 22

  • The Eastern patrol of Haven, alongside Baaki of North Haven]] is ambushed by an unknown assailant. Among the casualties are 11 dead guards, Specz Arcanes, who lost a hand, and Twyst, who sustained minor injuries to his hand.

April 23

April 24

April 25

  • Eldia and the Empire of Stahlfaust enter into a non-aggression pact.
  • The Solar Empire of Arith announces its new Coat of Arms and national animal, a pair of golden eagles and the elk respectively.

April 27

April 28

April 29

April 30

June 1

  • Lixionit IV of Ashina, CEO of Starlix Brewing Inc., claims the crown of Irithil, sending in Irithilian guards to pacify the unrest in the wake of the previous king’s passing
  • Animal heads on bloody posts appear outside Aranholme, preaching against the faith of the Arnadi

June 2

June 3

June 4

June 5

  • Stahlfaust captures Elyrian merchant ships off the coast of Briscoe Ranch

June 6

  • In the Highlands War, the Arcadian Royal Navy blockades Elyria’s capital, Ehrenhal, with two colossal ships
  • The City State of Luna ends its policy of isolationism, in a compromise to ease overcrowding

June 7

  • Hal Druar of Raven’s Rest demands fealty of all towns located in Moria’s western plains
  • Jodaya issues the Sand Security Proclamation, prohibiting sand extraction from the deserts of Gaushan

June 8

  • Elyria reclaims merchant ships captured by Stahlfaust
  • The Kingdom of Stahlfaust offers surrender terms to its enemies Eldia and Ironhill, requesting reparations and land in return for peace. The terms are ultimately rejected
  • Eldia, Elyria, and Ironhill launch a successful counteroffensive against Stahlfaust, bringing major damage to the Stahlfaustian army and its morale
  • Bhaldoria, Luna, Irithil, and Keystead offer asylum for refugees from the Eldia-Stahlfaust War

June 9

  • Elyria proposes a white-peace with Stahlfaust, in return for their aid in fighting the Arcadian Altanate, promising territorial gains. Stahlfaust never responds to the proposal

June 10

  • Eldia and Aegiskey agree unify into a single nation, the Federation of United Gaushan Nations (Gaushan Union)
  • Lixionit IV announces his coronation as King of Irithil
  • Ashina issues a warning to Hal Druar, threatening violence if he does not remove himself from Ashinian territory. Druar refuses and declares war on Ashina in response, forcing Ashina and its allies to prepare for war

June 11

June 12

  • First functional airship completed in Luna

June 13

  • 53 Havenite civilians die in another terrorist bombing, the Lydoneian House of Representatives (HOR) challenge the terrorists to attack the HOR instead of innocent civilians
  • Borders of the Source (Siera Castaspella) in Lydoneia close following the earlier attack on Haven
  • Stahlfaust officially falls under a personal union with Elyria, with King Aldrich Teagen of Elyria taking charge of the Stahlfaustian defense and diplomacy
  • Saint Bean of the Hole offers protection for those who come forward with information about an attempt on his life

June 14

  • Aran’Lúnarium officially declares war on Elyria
  • King Plato of Aegiskey abdicates, installing Nanochad in his place
  • Solaris forms a protectorate over the recent collapsed Mud Town, a holy site for their faith
  • Solaris Trading Company establishes an outpost in the center of Prospit

June 15

  • An Arcadian diplomat posts terms of peace with Elyria before their finalization, as a result of miscommunication within the Arcadian government. Artorias and the FCA both reject the terms as unjust and continue to fight Elyria. Peace negotiations between Arcadia and Elyria resume shortly after the erroneous announcement is made

June 16

June 17

  • Interim leaders of TiirtaÄävot Jat strip the former leader, Admiral Balynore, of his titles and political power elevating two co-admirals, John Snow and Brumur Hammercoat, in his place
  • Azur, a demon supposedly controlling the King of Sun Harvest, accuses the Solar Inquisition of Solaris of barbaric treatment to those not of the Solarian faith. Solar Emperor Melevor II denies the accusations

June 18

  • Battle for Ehrenhal occurs between Artorias and Elyria, resulting in the capture of Sherman, Lord Commander of the Elyrian Army
  • Artorias and the FCA defeat Elyria, resulting in a treaty ceding Elyrian land to Artorias and Commander Sherman being put on trial for war crimes
  • Death of the King of Solis and Sun Harvest, Azur/TakaraDnd, supposedly preceded by Azur’s possession of Takara
  • Holy Nation State of Praetara peacefully and cordially secedes from Mirenirenic

June 19

June 20

  • Summit between Empire of Ashina and the Regnum Nortum Prospitae is held, foretelling future cooperation and integration
  • The Arcadian Altanate and Solar Empire of Arith sign a treaty of non-aggression, free trade, and religious understanding between the two theocratic nations
  • Arcadian Altanate and Kingdom of Elyria sign an official peace treaty at Chorgassia, ending their war over the Highlands/Chorgassia. The treaty creates a 2 week non-aggression pact and cements Arcadian control of the Highlands/Chorgassia

June 22

June 23

  • Nanochad abdicates as Keypeer, opting to share power with Glorious as a co-mayor of Keystead
  • Keypeer Volarium ousts Lilac Undershroom and former King Nanochad from Keystead’s government, offering the city to Lady Remora, wife to the last King of Estea

June 24

June 25

  • A grizzly scene of fire and skulls on posts appears outside Aranholme, with literature supposedly denoting sun-worshippers

June 27

  • Aran’Lúnarium enters total mobilization as a result of the recent threats and demon sightings
  • Principality of Mantle announces the First Annual Spring Ball, inviting several foreign dignitaries
  • Violent protests and riots erupt throughout Lydoneia, with citizens angered at the perceived lack of action by the Lydoneian government in regard to the Haven Bombings. Mayors of several towns are trapped in their homes, with one even murdered by his own guard

June 29

June 30

July 2

July 3

July 4

  • Stahlfaust declares independence from Elyria and makes an attempt to join the Gaushan Union. Stahlfaust is ultimately allowed to leave Elyria, but are denied entry into the Gaushan Union
  • Sevryana joins the Solarian League

July 9

  • The former Elyrian emperor Shermansworld is put on trial in Artorias for an alleged history of war crimes and of crimes against humanity. The jury results in an inconclusive 3-3 vote, resulting a bloody mistrial.
  • Shermansworld, 61, is assassinated on trial. Issiroth reveals a concealed dagger, stabbing Sherman at the witness stand.

July 10

  • The town of Hálfrland is founded by former members of Nixium upon Lobster island, south-west of Ashina.

July 11

July 13

  • Alathra goes through what can be refered to as a "nautical revolution"; the various civilization of Alathra set their sites on watercraft.
  • A series of letters is exchanged between Lilac Volarium and Glorious Volarium in which Lilac warns that Nanochad plans to reconquer Redna

July 14

  • Stahlfaust finds gallows constructed near the capital of Krosston Imperium and demands reparations from Kresvania, who claim the gallows predate any Stahlfaust settlement and are non-threatening in nature.
  • Serenity constructs a statue at Sierra Castiapella to commemorate the 200 citizens who lost their lives in the massacre months prior.

July 15

  • Kresvania pleads its case, having accepted all of Stahlfaust’s demands and finds itself on the doorstep of war, asking for help.
  • Ashina declares its defense of Kresvania, to which the greater Stahlfaust Empire declares its intentions to fight against Ashina.

July 16

July 18

July 19

July 20

July 22

  • Holy books and other important documents are stolen from Nautli who put out a bounty for their return.

July 23

  • Leylines shift and the fabric holding Lethos within Alathra breaks, leaving lethans to flee the plane.

July 24

July 25

July 26

July 27

  • Avynmeet cuts through the land, connecting the rives on either of its sides and forming itself into an island.
  • Queen Cosmic of Eldia calls off her wedding to King Mithras among controversy and returns home to find a baby upon her doorstep.

July 29

  • Ratburgh residents are accused of illegally harvesting Chorgassian crops by the Arcadian Altanate, they respond rather petulently.

July 30

  • The Solar Empire of Arith dispatches a small party of 20 men to investigate and retake the old ruined city of Pyrrhus.
  • Sierra Castiapella reopens its borders.
  • Nations within Arith announce the Green Arith project with the goal of cleaning up and beautifying Arith. Praetara joins the project late.
  • The nation of Shepody disolves amid civil turmoil.

July 31

  • The Morian connection is announced, a project to unite all of Moria with road networks and canals.